Hemispheres by Ghettosocks / Bix

Hemispheres by Ghettosocks / Bix

Proud of this one! Courtesy of Ghettosocks and yours truly.

A friendship forged in music. Over ten years of creating — each. Two different approaches. Similar creative sensibilities. An undeniable mutual respect and admiration. Bix and Ghettosocks flip 10 songs to create 20 beats spanning a diverse breadth of sonic terrain on the beat tape, ‘Hemispheres’.

More of an exercise than an album, ‘Hemispheres’ is a glimpse into the audio sketchbooks of Bix and Ghettosocks. Influenced by the whimsical essence of hiphop, and inspired by the progressive innovations of the beat tape movement, ‘Hemispheres’ is a humble contribution in the spirit of beat making.

Extra-special shout-out to Emily Ross for crushing the album artwork for this project.

You can find more of her awesome designs at: instagram.com/carnival.art/